IVF – In vitro fertilization

In vitro fertilization is an assisted reproduction technique that consists of the union of an egg and a spermatozoid in the laboratory to create embryos that will lead to a pregnancy.

In the process, it is necessary to retrieve the mature ovules generated through hyperstimulation in the ovary. In the laboratory they are fertilized by the spermatozoa of the partner or a donor. Once the union has occurred and the embryos are obtained, a maximum of three of them are transferred in the uterus to continue their development.

The embryos that are not used are cryopreserved for their further transfer in another cycle or for their destruction. The Spanish Law on Assisted Reproduction Techniques also considers their donation to other couples or for research purposes.

When a sperm  donor is required, to be young, to remain anonymous and they are selected considering the physical characteristics of the requestor, and undergo a comprehensive  study to discard any congenital disease or sexually transmitted disease.

The in vitro fertilization success rate is conditioned to a great extent by the age of the woman, the ovarian response, the quality of the sperm sample, and the embryo development.

The pregnancy rate by cycle fluctuates between 40 % and 65 %, but in patients under 35 years of age, this figure exceeds 70 %.

Best candidates for IVF:

  • Women without Fallopian tubes or with occluded tubes
  • Endometriosis grades III and IV
  • Severe male factor
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Decreased ovarian reserve
  • Sterility of unknown causes

Best candidates for the IVF technique with donor:

  • Women without Fallopian tubes or with occluded tubes, without a male partner
  • Endometriosis grades III and IV, without a male partner
  • Severe male factor
  • Advanced maternal age, without a male partner
  • Decreased ovarian reserve, without a male partner

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